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Image Powerdom is a great poem.

Connect4x4 - Scary Fun Game

Connect all the zombies in specific order as shown by the picture inorder to win.

Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀2 PV第2弾

I can't wait to watch it!

New Game - Amoeba

We are working on a new game called Amoeba.  Its top secret right now so we won't give any details yet.  Just know it's gonna be great.  Check for updates on our official facebook page


This blog is a generic blog about the projects I undertake at Algodal.  Projects are mainly programs as well as stories.  There may be other side projects as well.  But,  I will focus on programs.  I code in a multitude of languages: C, C++ and Java and use a multitude of libraries: GTK3, SDL, WxWidgets, LibGdx.  My aim is to enjoy programming and make a living from it.  I hope the world enjoy the productions of Algodal aka Rickodesea.